Nigel Hopkins – Team Xtreme (ZA)

Formation Aerobatic Championships

Formation Aerobatics Championships

I literally grew up flying.

Started flying in Gliders on my fathers lap before I could walk, and grew up at Gliding, Parachute and Flying clubs.

As a teenager I spent weekends cleaning planes and ‘hitching’ rides at the local Experimental Aircraft Association. After attending my first airshow at a very young age, I have always looked skyward. It’s my happy place!

I started official flying training, while doing national service as an Air Load Master, then worked as an Air Traffic Controller, while completing my Commercial Pilots license and flight Instructor rating and built my flying hours towards an Airline Transport License giving instruction, dropping skydivers, towing banners and doing medical rescue flying.

I started my first airline job in 1995 and have been with South African Airways since 1996.

I flew my first airshow in 1993 in a home-built aircraft built by my father.

I then formed Team Xtreme Formation Aerobatic team in 2010 with Mark Hensman, which was expanded to a 4-ship team in 2011. 

Formation Aerobatic Championships

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