Charities We Support

Our teams support the following charities – Please click on the individual icons to view in full


A UK based event, The Little Gransden Air & Car
Show has been running its show since 1992 and
has raised over £314,000 for the BBC's Children
in Need charity.
Formation Aerobatic ChampionshipsThe Children’s Flight origins lie in a music video
called ‘Paper Plane’, which is essentially about a
child with a dream to fly, but on a deeper level,
it’s about anyone with a dream.

Formation Aerobatic ChampionshipsLes Ailes du Petit Prince is an association which
gives disabled children the chance to fly and enjoy
an escape from the multiple trials they undergo
each day.
ELA is an association of motivated and informed
parents and patients who share responsibility
within ELA and work together against leukodystrophy
by establishing and respecting clear objectives:
to help and support families affected by
leukodystrophy, to stimulate Development of
research, develop its action at the international level.

We use the magic of flight to help disabled
people realise their abilities and live life to the
full – stretching horizons in every sense.