About FAC

By way of invitation, teams from across the globe will be judged in ‘Classic’ and ‘Signature’ disciplines, in order to gain the title of Formation Aerobatic Champions 2017.

Bringing together the elite in any competition sport, will always produce highly competitive and motivated individuals. Formation aerobatics demands high levels of concentration, precise timing, accuracy and a presentation second to none.

This event will showcase some of the finest aerobatic pilots in the world today and brought together under competition rules, you can expect to see some of the most exhilarating and dynamic formation flying.







  • The ‘Classic’ sequence is designed by the teams for maximum K factor, using pre-described figures with any linking figure of choice. The expected sequence endurance is 4½ – 5 minutes with a maximum of 8 mins. 
  • The ‘Signature’ flight is for each team to fly their very best air display and for a duration of 11 – 12 minutes
  • Each of the 12 teams will fly twice per day
  • FAI medals issued to the winners

The FAI rules can be found here

This is not a fully exhaustive description and regular updates will appear as information becomes available.