Bulletin Board

For the purpose of the 29th April – 1st May 2017 event in Zhengzhou, the following clarifications apply:

Chief Judge:

  •  John Gaillard (SA) – Assistants – Quintin Hawthorn (SA) Irma Janciukiene (LT)   


  • Guy Auger (FR) – Assistants – Jérôme Houdier & Jean-Claude Leboulanger
  • Kimmo Virtanen (FI) – Assistants – Hanna Räihä & Kiia Virtanen
  • Mikhail Bezdenezhnykh (RU)  Assistants – Viktor Smolin & Anatoly Belov
  • Mario Ferrante (IT) – Formation Judge (ex-Frecce Tricolori)  Assistant – Capt Giorgio Zupo
  • Andy Offer (GB) – Formation Judge (ex-RAF Red Arrows)


  • Nick Buckenham (GB)
  • Leif Culpin (GB)

World Air carnival Ltd CEO & Contest Director:

  •  Mark Jefferies (GB) – Reserve pilot for Global Stars (in the event of illness)
  •  Phil Massetti (GB) – Reserve Contest director

Air boss:

  • Mike Wood (GB) – Assistant – Ed Elton


  • Sara Fulton (GB) – Assistants – Bogdan Pop & Anca-Cristina Cheregi


New location page added.

REVISION TO SCHEDUE – as shown below
26th April – Practice day
27th April – Opening Ceremony with approx 1.5 hrs flying. All teams invited to fly past in formation with gaps of 200 – 300 metres between
28th April  – Practice day.
29th April /30th April /1st May – Contest days


Official observers are permitted

Hotel, food, local transport, with daily entry total 1200€


The performance zone is noted at 1500 x 500 metres.  This is a recommendation only, you may use  a greater or lesser display area. You may use an area as required for your performance. The over-riding factor is the dead line.

There are no crowd rear arrivals.

Aviation fuel supplied is 100/130 octane – it is rather heavy on lead so some plug fowling can be expected after 10 hours. Inspect/clean your spark plugs after training would be a good preventative measure.


Questions posed by a team leader:  

If I read the rules correctly we don’t get scored on/don’t have to do formation changes in the classic sequence?

  • Formation changes are to take place on the teams chosen turn around figure and will be judged in the overall presentation score.

 May the ‘Bomb Burst’ only start at 90° or parallel to the deadline or can I start at a 45° angle?

  • The bomb burst may be flown parallel or on a 45′ /90′ angle towards or away from the judges. The aircraft are to equally fill a 180′ arc on the exit directions.. The figure is completed when all aircraft flight paths are horizontal. The crowd line/ dead line is to be observed at all times. Take great care when flying towards. Note the penalties for crowd line infringement.


It is appreciated that for the Signature sequence, some teams will NOT have sufficient smoke oil for continual use. It is therefore permitted to use smoke only when ‘centre stage’.

For the Classic sequence, any figure can only be repeated once

Future alteration to the CIVA Section-6 Part 5b FAC Regulations – The below change of rule will be enforced at the event in Zhengzhou:

The change will highlight that if any team wishes not to fly a stated mandatory figure they are entitled to declare an alternative from the published non-mandatory figures.  The alternative figure must be at least 5K less than the non-flown mandatory figure.

Example: Those wishing not to fly the Butterfly Loop (20K) should select one of the non-mandatory figures instead, with a limit of 15K for the substituted figure. That makes these figures the ‘substitute list’:

  • Loop with steep turn (max 270° of turn) – 15K
  • Quarter clover down – 13K
  • Barrel roll – 14K