Formation Aerobatic Challenge 2017

China’s national competitive sports body, the ASFC has decided to downgrade the event to an air display

(29th April – 1st May 2017 event)

FAI / CIVA Statement

To comply with Air Sports Federation of China (ASFC) requirements imposed for this event, the first FAI Formation Aerobatic Challenge has now been re-configured strictly as an air display, in place of the originally planned competitive event.

For all pilots and teams, the Classic and Signature programme formats remain unchanged and will be flown in accordance with CIVA Section 6 Part 5B Regulations for Formation Aerobatic Challenge events as published.

Official scrutiny by FAI / CIVA officers of all safety related elements at this event, will continue as planned. The observations of and all formal output from the judging panel will however remain strictly confidential.

The experience gained by all parties through operation of the event in this revised air display context will be used to develop this outstanding new concept for future competitions.


ASFC Statement

为规范国内特技飞行活动组织工作,加强特技飞行活动安全保障,促进特技飞行项目健康发展。经与国际航空运动联合会、国际航空运动联合会特飞委员会、郑州市政府及相关单位协商决定, 2017郑州航展(2017年4月27日至5月1日)期间停止举办“国际航联编队特技飞行锦标赛(Formation Aerobatic Championship)”及其他特技飞行竞赛活动。

   China will host the inaugural 2017 Formation Aerobatic Challenge

The event is a Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) competition, sanctioned

through their aerobatic commission CIVA, who will provide Judges and other key officials

The event is to be held on 29th April – 1st May 2017 in Zhengzhou, China


Event Organiser

World Air Carnival Ltd (WACL) – Mark Jefferies CEO


(Teams invited are subject to availability)


The stage is set

An event at this level brings together the elite, so expect to see the ultimate extravaganza in formation aerobatics.

Staged at Shangjie Airport, Zhengzhou, the capital of East-Central China’s Henan province, teams from across the globe will take to the skies and showcase their talents, all hungry to obtain the title of Formation Aerobatic Champions 2017.

Regular updates will appear throughout the website as information becomes available.


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About the FAC

By way of invitation, teams from across the globe will be judged in ‘Classic’ and ‘Signature’ disciplines, in order to gain the title of Formation Aerobatic Champions 2017.

Bringing together the elite in any competition sport, will always produce highly competitive and motivated individuals.  Formation aerobatics demands high levels of concentration, precise timing, accuracy and a presentation second to none.

This event will showcase some of the finest aerobatic pilots in the world today and brought together under competition rules, you can expect to see some of the most exhilarating and dynamic formation flying.

This is not a fully exhaustive list and regular updates will appear as information becomes available.

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