Oleg Shpolianskii – The First Flight (RU)

In my childhood I was engaged in aircraft modelling. After first flight of free fly model, first loop, I understood, that I wanted to test real flight, to feel the air stream through the control stick of my airplane. When I was learning in high school, I started to fly in aero club. Member of… Continue reading Oleg Shpolianskii – The First Flight (RU)

Mikhail Mamistov – The First Flight (RU)

When I was 5 years old, I had seen an interesting movie about military pilots of the 2nd World War, and I decided to become a pilot. Reading books about military pilots increased my desire to become a pilot. In school, I studied the basics of aerodynamics and piloting in “Teenage Space club”. In 1982,… Continue reading Mikhail Mamistov – The First Flight (RU)

Nigel Hopkins – Team Xtreme (ZA)

I literally grew up flying. Started flying in Gliders on my fathers lap before I could walk, and grew up at Gliding, Parachute and Flying clubs. As a teenager I spent weekends cleaning planes and ‘hitching’ rides at the local Experimental Aircraft Association. After attending my first airshow at a very young age, I have… Continue reading Nigel Hopkins – Team Xtreme (ZA)

Jorge Macias Alonso – Doubleas Aerobatic Team

Jorge was born in a family where aviation was deeply ingrained. Jorge is the 4th generation of pilots in his family tree, his great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncle have all been pilots. Their origins can be traced all the way back to the Spanish aviation pioneers in Spain and in the world. His wife,… Continue reading Jorge Macias Alonso – Doubleas Aerobatic Team