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Formation Aerobatic Championships

Formation Aerobatic ChampionshipsJorge was born in a family where aviation was deeply ingrained.

Jorge is the 4th generation of pilots in his family tree, his great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncle have all been pilots. Their origins can be traced all the way back to the Spanish aviation pioneers in Spain and in the world. His wife, mother and several aunts have all been flight stewards, so aviation has featured heavily since his childhood.

Growing up surrounded by supersonic jets and high ‘G’ machines, was very much a normal thing for him and one of his earliest memories was helping his father take his parachute from the Squadrons room to the jet, when he was barely able to walk. To this day, every time he walks with his parachute to his aircraft he feels incredibly lucky to be getting into an aircraft.

At about 8 years old, he took his first aerobatic ride, in both a North American T-6 Texan and the other in a Mudry Cap-10. It was his now Team Leader, Ramon Alonso that took him flying and from that moment he learned to love the sport of aerobatics.

Of course, the first problem arose. His stomach was not built for aerobatics and he got really air sick from those rides.  After many hard training, getting used to the feeling and his determination for his stomach to learn to withstand the Unlimited Aerobatics harshness, he has mastered the problem. But one month without aerobatics and he gets airsick again …. “Know your limits, get to them and try to stretch them as much as possible” says Jorge.

At age 16, he started flying gliders. At 18 he started his studies to become an Airline Transport Pilot. From the age of 19 and to this day, he has worked as flight instructor, both as FAA CFI and EASA FI.

At the age of 21, he starts flying with the airlines, first with Air Nostrum and now with IBERIA.

He got inverted for the first time at age 8 in a Cap-10 and later in a T-6 Texan. It was at this point when he fell in love with aerobatic flight.

At 23, he started his initial aerobatic flight course with Vytas Lapenas in Lithuania. Later, he was trained by Vytas Lapenas, Ramon Alonso and Nikolay Nikitiuk

In 2005 he was the first pilot to represent Spain in an International competition in the Advanced category at the European Aerobatic Championships EAC. In 2007, he joined the Spanish Unlimited National Team representing Spain at WAC 2007 and 2009 and EAC 2008.

Since 2003 he has been participating in the most important Air Displays both in Spain and Portugal.

He has more than 14,000 hours from which 680 hours are actual aerobatic hours in the best and most famous aerobatic aircraft:

Staudacher S-300, Sukhoi 31, Sukhoi 29, Extra, Pitts S-2, Zlin Z-50, Zlin Z-326M, Velox Revolution, Yak 52, Cap-10, Rebel 300, Super Decathlon y Piper J-3 Cliped Wing.

Formation Aerobatic Championships

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