Ramón Alonso – Doubleas Aerobatic Team (ES)

Formation Aerobatic Championships

Formation Aerobatic ChampionshipsWhy aerobatics?

The question is that I always wanted to fly, but didn’t think about aerobatics until I was already a pilot.

In 1979 I was finishing my studies to become a pilot at the National School of Aeronautics in Salamanca, Spain, and at that time I was a member of the Spanish National Team of Hang Gliding , and also a member of the Spanish National Team of Skydiving.

So, I was doing airshows with the hang glider (being released from a hot air balloon) and in other ones, acting as a Skydiver.  At all those air shows, the main event was always aerobatics, plus jets, and that is how I met the old members of the Spanish National Aerobatic Team.

After one airshow, and having a good relationship with all of them, and them knowing that I was studying to become a pilot, I was invited to make a flight with them.  After that flight, I left the hang gliders, left the Skydiving, and concentrated only in becoming a good aerobatic pilot!

This is the best way I can describe why aerobatics … it touched me so deeply, and so big was the impact, that the rest of the sports were replaced in my mind by aerobatics.

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