Jason Beamish – Team Xtreme (ZA)

Formation Aerobatic Championships

Formation Aerobatic Championships

I was born into a family of aviators,

My Grandfather was a WW2, Korean War and a South African Airways pilot, listening to his war stories from a young age was certainly one of the many influences to my love for aviation. He met my Grandmother while flying Loadstars for SAA, she was an airhostess on them.

I grew up in and around aeroplanes, my first flight was with my father at 3 months old, in a baby chair next to him. Growing up I had the privilege of many memorable flying experiences with the old man.

From a young age, I was at the many airshows my father flew in as part of the ground crew for the teams he was involved with. With the dream of one day flying the circuit with him.

I officially had my first flying lesson at the age of 9 in our beloved Piper J3 Cub, which I finally went solo on and completed my licence at the age of 17, before I had my drivers licence.

When I left school, I went off and started my apprentice training as an aircraft engineer, 5 years later I obtained my SACAA AME Licence, and then two years after that I completed my FAA A&P Certificate.

There were many people who inspired and guided me along the way, my mother (Ina Beamish) and sister (Laura Beamish) for the unconditional support and the many hours spent at airfields. My Father (Larry Beamish) being the key influence to my flying, without his guidance and advice none of this would have been possible. Then the many people in the aerobatic and airshow circuit that have guided me along the way, a lot of names to mention!

I flew my first flat formation display at an airshow at the age of 20 as a wingman in a 3 ship DH Chipmunk Team. Shortly after that I did my first formation aerobatic display in an Extra 300L as part of a three-ship team, Pierre Gouws was leading with a Harvard and my Father in the number 3 position with a Pitts S1-11B. This was the start to a very exciting airshow career. Since then I have had the privilege of displaying as part of a few teams and solo acts. To name a few, Father/Son RV and Extra formation, Raptors RV Team, Good Year Eagles Formation team, Extra formation with Nigel Hopkins, KingAir/Bonanza Formation, T28 Trojan Solo display, Boeing Stearman Solo Display, AN2 Solo display, Piper J3 Cub Truck Top Landing and a few more also too many to list.

I have also had opportunity to fly in a 3-ship formation team in Dubai at the World Air Games 2015, with Zoltan Veres Leading, My Father in the number 2 position and myself in the number 3 position.

I was very privileged to be asked to join Team Xtreme as the Team Engineer and number 3 wingman in 2014 with Mark Hensman, Nigel Hopkins and Mark Sampson, to fly as part of the four ship of XA42’s around China, which we have been flying since then. I have had some of the very best and memorable experiences while flying and even doing the maintenance on this team. Many more to come I’m sure!

Formation Aerobatic Championships
Jason Beamish flies the Edge 540 (red/black) mirroring his father Larry Beamish on the other wing. World Air Games 2015, Dubai

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