Red Baron (AU)

World Formation Aerobatics


Joel Haski
Joel’s passion for flying was ignited when he first went gliding at the age of 16. After finishing school Joel began his formal flight training at Sydney Aerobatic School (now Red Baron) where he attained his commercial licence in 1994 and commenced flying for Red Baron Adventures.

Joel was the NSW Aerobatics Champion in 1995 and in 1997 became an instructor at Sydney Aerobatic School, which he eventually bought in 2005 along with the Red Baron business.

Joel has well in excess of 5000 aerobatic flight hours as well as experience in charter and aerial photography for film and television. Joel specialises in advanced and competition aerobatic instruction when he’s not thrilling passengers on one of our Adventure Flights or performing air displays at major events.

Enzo Iacono
Enzo has been flying for over twenty years and spent much of that time as a pilot and aerobatic flight instructor for Red Baron.

With a long list of ratings and endorsements, Enzo has flown aerobatics, formation, twin-engine charter and international ferry flying, as well as flying for photographic shoots and TV commercials.

Enzo continues to fly with Red Baron as an aerobatic display and adventure pilot.