Presidential Team ‘ANBO’ (LT)


World Formation AerobaticsThe Presidential team ‘ANBO’ trio is led by Rolandas Paksas, a former Prime Minister and President of Lithuania, and former member of both Soviet and Lithuanian national aerobatic teams.

Flying the Yak 50 aircraft, these fast and manoeuvrable war-birds perform an impressive display and produce the fantastic sound from their imposing ten litre, M14P radial engines.

Aerobatic Flight Under The Old Druskininkai Bridge


Rolandas Paksas (Leader)
Rolandas may be renowned as a politician, he is however an accomplished pilot, having graduated from the Leningrads's (now St Petersburg) Academy of Civil Aviation as an engineer-pilot in 1984. Working as a pilot instructor for six years, Rolandas then progressed to managing the Vilinus Flying Club for seven years, from 1985. During that period, Rolandas was a member of both the Lithuanian and Soviet national aerobatics teams, winning several championships.
Robertas Noreika (Right Wing)
Robertas has been flying for around forty years and has over 2,700 hours flight time on YAK-18 A, YAK-52, YAK 50, YAK 55 and AN-2 aircraft.
He has been a pilot instructor at Vilnius Air Club and a member of the Lithuanian aerobatic team for many years.
Algimantais Zentelis (Left Wing)
Algimantais started flying gliders in 1980 and from there has gone onto fly a variety of aircraft including the L-29, Yak 50, Yak 52, Yak 55 and others.

Algimantais has over 2,000 flying hours and is a flying and aerobatic instructor at the Kaunas Aeroclub.

Algimantais is currently Director of Kaunas Aeroclub but was also President of the Lithuanian Aerobatic Federation for a ten year period from 1998.