Zhengzhou 东道主

Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, is renowned as one of the eight historical capitals of China.

It was called Zhongzhou in ancient times, which means the ‘Transportation Hub Of Ten Provinces’ and around 3600 years ago, Zhengzhou was the capital of the Shang Dynasty (1766 BC-1050 BC).

Situated approximately 470 miles south of Beijing and about 300 miles east of Xi’an, it borders Yellow River to the north, Mount Songshan to the west and Huanghuai Plaint to the southeast.

As one of the main transportation hubs of central China, Zhengzhou is growing rapidly, both in terms of its economy and population, and is now a major centre of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

With so much on offer, possibly the best place to start exploring Zhengzhou is Erqi Square, the city’s commercial centre, which houses a large square with a lively evening market.  The square is also home to the 14-storey Erqi Memorial Tower, a monument to workers’ rights, which you can climb for an excellent view of the city. The Henan Provincial Museum is a treasure trove of information on the area’s incredible past and is packed with relics that range from porcelain to bronzes to fossils. Alongside this, the imposing and majestic City God Temple build 600 year ago during the Ming Dynasty is something every visitor should witness.

In 2014, the city was added to China’s list of historical capitals after excavation unearthed early Shang dynasty finds, making it one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China.

FAC location:  Zhengzhou Shangjie Airport

shaolin-temple erqi-tower henan-museum


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