Oleg Shpolianskii – The First Flight (RU)

In my childhood I was engaged in aircraft modelling. After first flight of free fly model, first loop, I understood, that I wanted to test real flight, to feel the air stream through the control stick of my airplane. When I was learning in high school, I started to fly in aero club. Member of… Continue reading Oleg Shpolianskii – The First Flight (RU)

Adam Shaw – Captens (FR)

 Unable to fly for the military because of a dodgy left eye, I became a foreign correspondent for UPI in France, West Africa, Belgium and Italy at the age of 22.  Followed a stint at the Washington Post during Watergate. (Bernstein still owes me at least a carton of cigarettes) As a freelancer, I then… Continue reading Adam Shaw – Captens (FR)