Robertas Noreika – Presidential Team ‘ANBO’ (LT)

The sky has attracted me since childhood: I was eager to fly, admired the stars and had tremendous respect for mountains. Thank Almighty all the three biggest dreams came true with time. When studying astrophysics at the old Vilnius University, I also learned aerobatic flying. After graduation, I took up research work, but two years… Continue reading Robertas Noreika – Presidential Team ‘ANBO’ (LT)

Oleg Shpolianskii – The First Flight (RU)

In my childhood I was engaged in aircraft modelling. After first flight of free fly model, first loop, I understood, that I wanted to test real flight, to feel the air stream through the control stick of my airplane. When I was learning in high school, I started to fly in aero club. Member of… Continue reading Oleg Shpolianskii – The First Flight (RU)

Mikhail Mamistov – The First Flight (RU)

When I was 5 years old, I had seen an interesting movie about military pilots of the 2nd World War, and I decided to become a pilot. Reading books about military pilots increased my desire to become a pilot. In school, I studied the basics of aerodynamics and piloting in “Teenage Space club”. In 1982,… Continue reading Mikhail Mamistov – The First Flight (RU)