The Raptors (ZA)

World Formation Aerobatics

The South African based Raptor team is led by Pierre Gouws with each member flying the RV7 or RV8 variant of the Van’s aircraft.

Primarily a 6-ship formation team, this dynamic team are regulars in the skies  above South Africa, producing some of the most thrilling displays and  providing a memorable introduction to those who have not witnessed their expertise before.

Formation Aerobatic Championships


Pierre Gouws (Team Leader)
Pierre has led The Raptor team since January 2015 but prior experience in formation flying also includes that of formation leader for an L39 (4-ship) aerobatic team, a T28 (3-ship) aerobatic team and a Harvard (4-ship) aerobatic team.

An Airline captain with South African Airways, Pierre flies the A340/A330 and has in excess of 19,300 hours logged.

Pierre has been display flying for the last twenty two years and during such time, his display ratings include: A320, B737, L39, T28, Harvard, Extra 300, RV series, Yak 52 and Yak 18.
Dion Raath
• Airline pilot for SAA for last 13 years.
• Currently flying as First Officer on A330 and A340.
• Total hours 13,500
• Flying formation aerobatics for 5 years
• Display rated on the T6 Harvard, T28 Trojan and Boeing Stearman
• Flown #2 position in a 3-ship Harvard display team
• Flies an RV8 in the #3 position for the Raptors
Ryan Beeton
• Founder and CEO of Secure A Tag, a private security company in SA
• PPL with 1500 hours
• Started flying 2009
• Started Formation Flying 2013
• 900 Hours on RV7 in 4 years
• Flies an RV7 in the #2 position for the Raptors
Trevor Warner
• Training Captain on A320 with South African Airways with 15,500 hours
• Designated Examiner for both the Airline and General Aviation
• Type rated on over 50 types
• Built own RV 7
• Won the RV class in the 2009 SA National Aerobatics competition
• Have been involved in display flying in the RV 7 for 4 years
• Have been involved in the Raptor Aerobatic Display team for 2 years
• Flies an RV7 in the #4 position for the Raptors