Global Stars (GB)

global-stars-logoThis formidable team is indeed one of the most sought after line-ups on the international display circuit. Inspired by team leader Mark Jefferies in 2011, each member has achieved many significant titles in Advanced and Unlimited Aerobatic competitions, including the prestigious title of British Aerobatic Champion.

This 4-ship formation team use the Extra and CAP aircraft, both of which are renowned for their aerobatic capabilities and combined with the ‘dotty smoke’ system provides a very individual and definitive look to their display. Global Stars Gallery.

Global Stars


Mark Jefferies
(Team Leader & Right Wing) – Mark’s career in aerobatics is both highly enviable and impressive, in equal measures. From his first flight at the age of seven, through to obtaining his PPL aged twenty one, Mark has gone on to log over 3,800 hours, flying various types and has captured the world of aerobatics at the very highest level. Mark flies the Extra 330SC.
Tom Cassells
(Formation Leader) – Tom’s flying résumé is impressive to say the least. His logbook reflects some 8,000 hours and includes over forty different aircraft types. His introduction into aerobatics in 1992 has led to a wealth of winning achievements both in the UK and on the international stage. Tom flies the Cap 232.
Steve Carver
(Left Wing) - Steve boasts a remarkable flying career which started from a young age in the Air Training Corp, initially flying the Chipmunk and later becoming a regular on gliders. Some years later, Steve undertook a ‘silver c’ conversion in order to gain his PPL; his primary focus being aerobatics. Following a career change in 1990, Steve stepped into commercial aviation and has around 11,000 flying hours in powered aircraft and 2,500 in gliders. Steve flies the Extra 260.
Chris Burkett
(Box) – Chris has an endless list of flying achievements and in the true sense of the word, is a real aviation enthusiast. An early introduction to the RAF cadets had him hooked and it wasn’t long before he gained his PPL. With aerobatics being the focus, Chris first entered aerobatic competition with his ‘homebuilt’ Pitts Special and progression through the ranks has gained him a notable skill set within this demanding sport. Chris flies the Extra 300S with 420 on type and oveall 1100 hours experience
Chris Heames
(Right Wing) - Chris joins the team in January 2017 and will fly his first display as one of the Global Stars whilst the team are in India for their first show of the year.

Predominately from an RAF background, Chris has a wealth of experience which originally started as an Engineering Officer before moving into Air Traffic and then onto pilot training on JP3, JP5 and Hawks, both in an advanced training and Tactical Weapons role.

Chris's flying experience extends to around 12,500 hours:

6000 Fast Jet
1500 Turbo Prop
3000 Gliders and Motor Gliders
2000 General Aviation (about 8 hours in micro-lights all in Germany)

Military Qualifications: Operational pilot on F4, Tornado GR1 and F3. Instrument Rating Examiner, A2 QFI, A2 QGI, B1 QPNI, air to air refuelling instructor, Air Combat instructor.

Civilian Qualifications: BGA Senior Regional Examiner, Senior Accident Investigator and Full Category Gliding Instructor. CAA FIE with FIC approval. Member of consultative panel to advise AAIB on gliding specific matters. DAE (A B N G). DA on all groups as in DAE.