Pioneer Team (IT)

pioneerlogoBased in the Province of Pordenone, the Pioneer Team was founded in 2005 and is led by Corrado Rusalen.

Flying the Pioneer 330 aircraft, this 4-ship team are no strangers to the display circuit and this year alone, have seen them captivate audiences throughout Europe.

Whilst made up of civilian pilots, the influence and training of the Italian Nation Jet Formation team, ‘Frecce Tricolori’ in their early conception, has provided a disciplined step to their accurate display routines.



Corrado Rusalen (Leader)
Corrado is the founder of Alpi Aviation, VDS airplane and helicopter instructor pilot and general aviation with assets of 8,000 hours of flight time.
Silvia Rappo (Left Wing)
Silvia has 1200 hours of flight time and is the youngest of the team, alternating the Left Wing position with Marco Savini. Silvia also holds a helicopter licence.
Marco Savini (Left Wing)
Marco has 1,550 hours flight time and holds a VDS Certificate and PPL (Private Pilots License.
Alberto Biagetti (Right Wing)
Cpt. Alberto Biagetti has accumulated over 13,000 hours flight time on a variety of commercial aircraft as well flying the Pioneer 300/330. He also holds the position of Safety Manager within the team.
Sandro Nicosanti (Right Wing)
Sandro has been flying for around twenty years and has over 2,200 hours flight time on light, fixed wing aircraft and 250 hours flight time on helicopters. Sandro flies as No.3 alternating with Alberto Biagetti.
Claudio Fogli (Slot)
Claudio has around 3,000 hours flight time. He is also a glider pilot who holds a gliders tug licence and is one of the founder members of the team. Claudio acts as Technical Manager and can adapt into any of the flying positions when required.