Captens (FR)

World Formation Aerobatics

This incredibly graceful duo never fails to inspire and could almost be likened to the male and female leads in any premier ballet performance.

The Captens were founded in 2006 and between Marianne and Adam, they have a combined total of over 22,500 flights in aerobatics.  

Their passion and drive to produce nothing other than a faultless routine, reflects in the magnificent delivery of a highly polished display, time and time again.

World Formation Aerobatics

Marianne Maire-Shaw
+ 5,300 hours flight
- Aerobatic Instructor
- Jet Pilot, Glider
- Mountain Glacier
- 7 times Champion of France
- 17 medals at European and World Championships
Adam Shaw
+ 5.950 hours flight
- Aerobatic Instructor, twin-engine, IFR, Seaplane
- Pilot Airplane, Glider, Helicopter
- Flying Instruments
- Mountain Glacier